Flip books (main product)

Flip books (main product)

Flip books can be used during meetings with caregivers to demonstrate and discuss different parental engagement techniques for reading at home. 

How to use the flip books:
Each flip book contains visual materials to present to caregivers, with talking points for facilitators on the back.

Flip books vary in length to accompany different meeting frequencies (e.g., a six-session flip book or a three-session flip book).

Two versions of each flip book are available: in each version the content is the same, but the images include families of different ethnic backgrounds. Teams should select the version with images that best suits their context. 


Book examples included in the Flip Books

Flip books include examples pages from different children’s books to illustrate key messages and provide opportunities for parents to practice skills.

Parent View Facilitator View

These books were sourced from the Book Dash online repository and can be accessed via the Book Dash website.